The amazing journey of a simple shoebox gift begins with you

Each year we look forward to packing shoeboxes for the Operation Christmas Child ministry with Samaritan's Purse. Each box contains not only materials gifts but the opportunity to share the greatest gift Jesus Christ with children all around the world. 

We encourage you to join us in our goal of packing 300 shoeboxes this year. 

Packing a box

Samaritan's Purse has great resources to assist you in what to pack in your shoebox. We encourage you to put a "wow" item in there along with school supplies and toiletry items. 

Follow this link to get some more specific recommendations based on the age and gender of the box you plan to pack:

Follow your box

There are two options to pay for shipping

1) To include the $9 shipping cost inside your box before taking it to the drop off location - Gassaway Baptist is a drop off location!!

2) You can pay online and drop your box off at a drop off location.

When you pay online you will be able to track your box and you will receive an email with the country where your box was delivered.

Follow Your Box Tool

For those who gave last year, we wanted to remind you that Samaritan's Purse offers a unique way to stay connected to the box you pack. When you pay for your shipping online, it allows you the chance to be notified where your box went. You will either receive an email or need to check online to track the country that your box went to. Some of our boxes last year went to India, Ukraine, Burundi and Jamaica, just to name a few.

Packing a box as a family

There are some really neat resources available to us allowing the process of packing a simple shoebox to not only bless the child receiving it but as an opportunity to grow as a family. Below are a few of the many resources available on Samaritan's Purses' website that can help you spend some time as a family, learning and growing in His name.